What's New

  • RAB has adopted a Client Loyalty Program with Cash Back & Shopping Points benefit.

  • RAB Launches a new theme for its Brand and website.

  • RAB Joined Solara Health

  • Opening its new location in Downtown Calgary.

  • RAB Relocated to operate from Canyon Meadows.

  • RAB Global Site is Live now.

  • RAB Global Site transferred to RAB HUB Servers.

  • Online Appointment Booking Transferred to RAB HUB.

The following are links to various schools, firms, organizatio, ns, associations, individualsetc. which we at RAB have been somehow acquainted with or we believe they may have some inspiring, useful, or at least interesting information for public.

Acquainted Entities

Acquainted Entities are the ones that RAB somehow does business with. We normally have quite confidence to refer our clients to these entities. If you see their name here feel free to use their services.


Charity / Non-Profit Organizations

The following charities and/or non-profit organizations are being or have been supported by RAB and its team at one point in time. 

Education Centres

RAB core team have been trained in the following education centres.


Following links are about people/entities who are significantly an inspiration for us.


  • Massage Therapy

  • CranioSacral Therapy

  • Life Coaching

  • Breema

  • Reflexology

  • Aroma Therapy

  • Reiki



  • Essential Oils


  • Salt Products

  • Skin Care


  • Health Supplements


  • Women's Health



  • Group Life Coaching

  • There's No Place Like Home

  • CranioSacral Study Group

  • Reiki Share

  • DIY Essentials