What's New

  • RAB has adopted a Client Loyalty Program with Cash Back & Shopping Points benefit.

  • RAB Launches a new theme for its Brand and website.

  • RAB Joined Solara Health

  • Opening its new location in Downtown Calgary.

  • RAB Relocated to operate from Canyon Meadows.

  • RAB Global Site is Live now.

  • RAB Global Site transferred to RAB HUB Servers.

  • Online Appointment Booking Transferred to RAB HUB.

We are proud to be involved in Charity and/or Non-profit organizations either as sponsoring various functions and fund raising or volunteering at the organization or their events.

RAB Contributions to Developmentally Challenged or Financially Distressed People

We strive to provide our services to our clients the best of our ability. In return you dear clients have been very generous to us by providing gratuity in addition to our fees. While at the begining we did not feel right to collect these funds, however due to insistence of our clients, we decided to pay it forward for these gestures of kindness by providing our services to people with Developmentally Challenged, Extreme Health Challenge, or Financially Distressed conditions on reduced or no fee.

Obviously, to assess our approach and protect people's trust in this process we go through a qualification process to make sure about the authenticity of the requests.

Shelley & Masoud Shahanaghi   

Creating Network of Client

We would like to create a community of our clients that they would support each other by offering services and utilising the services - especially those who have businesses of their own either fulltime or parttime. Of course, employees are welcome to list their employer with their own contact information, if they feel it will help with their position at work.  

Therefore, we have created a Business Directory specifically for our clients that they can list their or their employer's services. We ask our clients to look into this list if they are looking for a particular service before they search anywhere else. Please click on the address to review the directory: http://directory.rabhub.com

In-Definite Arts Society

In 2010, we had the pleasure and privilege of joining a fabulous group of people to serve as a Borad Member and Various Volunteering Opportunities at In-Definite Arts Society. This is such a great organization providing training for developmentally Challenged Adults to express themselves through their hidden gift of art.

To this date, we are really blessed to be able to serve this community of beautiful people who just connecting with them makes us inspired. If you wish to learn more about this organization, we encourage you to visit their website at http://www.indefinitearts.com.

Shelley & Masoud Shahanaghi   

Iranian Cultural Society of Calgary

As a new comer to Canada, landing in Calgary, I recognised what challenges, an immigrant can face especially if you have no connection to help to adapt to the new environment,

In 2001, I joined and served as the Board of Directors of Iranian Cultural Society of Calgary for one year term. It was a great pleasure to work with a team of excellent like minded people to play a small role to bring the Iranian Community together and at the same time introduce the rich Iranian Culture, that stretches back to thousands of years, to our fellow Calgarians.

If you wish to learn more about this organization, I encourage you to visit their website at http://www.icscalgary.org.

Masoud Shahanaghi    


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