What's New

  • RAB has adopted a Client Loyalty Program with Cash Back & Shopping Points benefit.

  • RAB Launches a new theme for its Brand and website.

  • RAB Joined Solara Health

  • Opening its new location in Downtown Calgary.

  • RAB Relocated to operate from Canyon Meadows.

  • RAB Global Site is Live now.

  • RAB Global Site transferred to RAB HUB Servers.

  • Online Appointment Booking Transferred to RAB HUB.

At RAB we offer and provide fellow practitioners in Holistic Health and Wellness various opportunities to practice Independently.

As seasoned independent practitioners we understand the challenges of starting from scratch. We understand the challenges of being newbes in this sector, challenges of attracting clients and establishing, developing, and maintaining our clients' trust.

When we stepped in the path of independence, we realised that this was quite a challenging path and required many sacrifices we had to make, because we had a dream and a great ambition. To fulfill ambitions, and bringing dreams to reality, there are prices to be paid. Well...we learned it the hard way. But we decided to create models that we can pave this path for other fellow practitioners with the same mentality, ambition, and dreams.

We have experienced that the only way to overcome the challenges in any aspect of practicing independently is Colaborate, not Competion. Therefore we invite those of you who believe in the same concepts to join us.

We had to the opportunity to mentor and assist several fellow practitioners. Some are around and some couldn't take the challenge. We admit to become independent and be part of a greater team, there is a demanding path to follow and no matter how paved the path, still we have to climb the uphills and slide the downhills.

The base and foundation is ready we need team members to build on this foundation. It is challenging and still requires efforts and dedication to yourself and your future to build it. Please don't make a mistake...we are NOT looking for employees, we are looking for team members and potential partners. We'll dedicate ourselves more than what you'll imagine...to your success, only if you have a great desire of serving people, and same ambition of growing this mentality as part of RAB Team.

Well...Are you up for the challenge? Please first review our mentality and Core Values,   If fits your mindset.... 

  • Join our team as an Independent Affiliate to practice within RAB Centre...<Learn More> 
  • Do you already have a practice that you'd like to keep as is, but looking for a network of likeminded Health Professionals to colaborate? <Learn More>  


  • Massage Therapy

  • CranioSacral Therapy

  • Life Coaching

  • Breema

  • Reflexology

  • Aroma Therapy

  • Reiki



  • Essential Oils


  • Salt Products

  • Skin Care


  • Health Supplements


  • Women's Health



  • Group Life Coaching

  • There's No Place Like Home

  • CranioSacral Study Group

  • Reiki Share

  • DIY Essentials